The ‘Longest Day’ Sheds Light on Alzheimer’s Disease

The ‘Longest Day’ Sheds Light on Alzheimer’s Disease
The Alzheimer’s Association has chosen the summer solstice, June 21, to shed light on Alzheimer’s disease and to raise awareness about the mind-altering, life-changing condition through a fundraising event called The Longest Day. The second purpose is to raise funds for research to benefit the 53 million people worldwide diagnosed with the disease.

Color purple

People around the world are wearing purple to make a strong statement. Purple is the campaign’s signature color and the Alzheimer’s Association invites Longest Day participants to take selfies and upload their pictures to the nonprofit's website, where they can also make a donation to the cause of ending Alzheimer’s disease. Use the hashtags #ENDALZ and #TheLongestDay to promote the Longest Day campaign on social media. The organization is encouraging supporters on social media to post an explanation of why they’re fighting to end the cognitive disorder. Post a picture of yourself and friends who are wearing purple, or post if you're donating on behalf of a loved one with dementia.

Have fun, raise funds

The Alzheimer’s Association has made it easy to raise funds on the Longest Day. You don’t have to run a 5K, wash cars or set up a lemonade stand, but you can do all of these if you’re so inclined. You are able to plan your personal fundraiser, so the sky’s the limit. Participants are invited to create an
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