Alzheimer's News

Phase 1 Trial for Potential Alzheimer’s Therapy Yields Positive Results

A recent Phase 1 clinical study of a potential Alzheimer’s therapy showed positive results regarding both safety and biomarkers for cognitive processes. The data support advancing the investigational compound, NDX-1017, developed by Athira Pharma, to later-stage clinical trials. The results, “Phase 1 Study of NDX-1017: Safety, Pharmacokinetics…

Exercise Boosts the Brain In Alzheimer’s Patients, According to Research

It is widely accepted that exercise is good for your health, but can it even increase brain cells? That is the conclusion from several new reports published in the first issue of the journal Brain Plasticity. Overall, the publications presented several pieces of compelling evidence revealing that exercise benefits the brain,…

miRNAs in Exosomes May Serve as Basis for New Alzheimer Diagnostic Tests

As a disease that is best detected and treated early after onset, Alzheimer disease is characterized by a variety of aberrantly regulated proteins and molecules, which once identified can be used as biomarkers for disease and integrated into Alzheimer’s diagnostic tests. New research at the University of Illinois at Chicago by co-authors Dr.