Alzheimer’s Foundation Plans 2018 National ‘Educating America’ Tour

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by Ana de Barros, PhD |

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Educating America tour

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) will soon launch its 2018 “Educating America” tour to bring educational conferences on Alzheimer’s disease to patients, caregivers and the general public nationwide.

The tour will visit 14 states — nine of which already have confirmed dates — to raise awareness, promote early detection and provide the Alzheimer’s community with information about the disease, related programs, support services and latest research.

Each stop features a free “Concepts in Care” educational session that allows participants to learn from and interact with leading experts in the field. Topics include caregiving strategies and support, safety precautions, therapeutic programs, to healthcare and care planning, improving communication skills and research-based public policy.

“As Alzheimer’s continues to affect more and more families, providing resources, education and support remains critical.  Whether you want to learn about services available to help with early detection, caregiving and quality of life, get answers from an expert or just find out more about Alzheimer’s, we invite you to join us,” AFA President and CEO Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. said in a press release. He said more than five million Americans now have Alzheimer’s, a number expected to triple by 2050.

At each tour stop, participants will be able to undergo confidential memory screenings — a tool to quickly and noninvasively assess cognitive ability. The screening will test memory, language and thinking abilities ,and results will be reported back to patients on site. The tests do not suffice as a diagnosis, but they may indicate the need to see a specialist for a full evaluation.

“We want everyone to know about the resources and information available to help them in their time of need, because education is an invaluable support tool,” said Bert Brodsky, founder of AFA.

Already established tour dates are:

  • February 20, San Diego, California
  • March 9, Tempe, Arizona
  • March 19, Boston, Massachusetts
  • April 13, Nashville, Tennessee
  • April 24, Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 1, Birmingham, Alabama
  • May 18, New York, New York
  • June 14, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • September 27, Fairfax, Virginia

Dates for the 2018 tour are still pending for Ohio, South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. For more information, please call AFA’s toll-free hotline at (866) 232-8484.