Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Can Help Reverse Alzheimer’s, Study Says

Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Can Help Reverse Alzheimer’s, Study Says
A new study published in the journal Neuropharmacology revealed that drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes can actually help to reverse Alzheimer's disease. According to Professor Christian Holscher of Lancaster University and the lead scientist of the study, drugs for type 2 diabetes were continuously tested in lab mice for 10 weeks, leading to results that revealed the mice experienced improved memories and
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  1. David Bryan says:

    My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just over 7 years ago at age 60, when she lost the power of speech. She also lost the use of her legs and was in a wheelchair for a while. Thankfully she regained the use of her legs but I feel that time is running out and I wondered how I can get her on the trial for Dr Christian Holscher’s research.

  2. Corinne pignat says:

    My Mother lives with Alzheimer since 8 years ago… She has many problems to concentrate and stay alone at home. She eat less more… Could you take her to make something !! Please, would you help us…What can we to do ? we can go to Lancaster to see you and speak with you. Thanks for your answer… We are lost !
    Corinne PIGNAT

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