‘Monster in the Mind’ – Brilliantly Crafted Alzheimer’s Film Overturns Doomsday Predictions

‘Monster in the Mind’ – Brilliantly Crafted Alzheimer’s Film Overturns Doomsday Predictions
On July 26, a different kind of happening interrupted the usual bustle of activity at this year’s Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC 2016) in Canada. Attending scientists became the first viewers (at a sneak-peek preview before the North American premiere) of a new kind of full-length documentary film — one that reveals untold truths about Alzheimer’s disease and emphasizes that the disease can largely be prevented by the individual actions of each and all of us. “Monster in the Mind – The convenient un-truth about Alzheimer’s disease," is the product of former medical journalist Jean Carper’s obsession with the disease, and is as much her own story as a story of Alzheimer’s itself, although one rarely shared. In the film, Carper laments that while working as a journalist more than 30 years ago, she became "part of the propaganda machinery to sell Alzheimer’s to the public," along with hopes for a soon-to-come cure. In a CNN documentary, she interviewed top researchers, who claimed that a cure for the horrifying disease was only a couple of years away. Since then, the idea of Alzheimer’s never quite left Carper. And when she found out that she carried the No. 1 Alzheimer’s risk gene, ApoE, her quest to understand the mystery of Alzheimer’s intensified. Most research funds go to straight to finding a cure; Carper’s personal crusade focused on prevention. Featuring scientists and authorities in the Alzheimer’s field, the film takes the generally acceptable "truths" about Alzheimer’s disease and explores the flip side, finding surprising and genuinely encouraging information about the dreadful condition in return. C
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