Researchers Find Some ‘Wiggle Room’ in Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers Find Some ‘Wiggle Room’ in Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease
Using laser technology, researchers have found that peptides related to Alzheimer’s Disease move at dangerous speeds prior to clumping or forming the plaques that characterize the disease. Moreover, the scientists also identified strategies to keep the blocks that form the proteins moving at safe speeds. The study, “Monomer Dynamics of Alzheimer Peptides and Kinetic Control of Early

Knowledge is power when living with alzheimers.

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  1. Mark says:

    I hope we find a cure for this disease and soon! I wish I could have been a scientist because finding a cure to cure millions would be the best feeling in the world. Watching some one with Alzheimer’s disease being so confused and watching as there life fades away is the worst feeling ever.

    Anyone who can donate or research the disease and help cure I bag you to use your resources and find a cure for the millions of suffer.

    I wake up watching my mom suffer and it’s truly depressing to watch day in day out.

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