Startups Collaborate with Galaxy in New Effort to Increase Alzheimer’s Patient Participation in Research

Startups Collaborate with Galaxy in New Effort to Increase Alzheimer’s Patient Participation in Research
Roobirk and Antidote, two startup companies that work to empower people living with Alzheimer’s disease have entered a partnership with Galaxy, an online portal to initiatives that facilitate patient participation in Alzheimer’s research. More than 80% of clinical studies overall are delayed or closed because not enough patients meet enrollment requirements. The problem is particularly severe in Alzheimer’s research which typically requires seven and 10 million people to be included in registries in order for planned clinical trials to meet enrollment requirements. Only about one-third of Alzheimer’s clinical trials every year find enough participants to continue. “The actions taken to date have not been commensurate with the growing threat presented by Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a cancer-sized challenge requiring a cancer-sized solution,” George Vradenburg, co-founder and chairman of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, said in a press release. The new three-party partnership aims to address the challenge by optimizing matches between Alzheimer’s patients and clinical trials. Roobrik, whose online decision tools now help patients and their families make important treatment choices, will be enabled through the new partnership to develop a new assessment tool that will help Galaxy visitors answer the question: “Is clinical research right for us?” Antidote, an online startup that helps bridge the gap between patients and medical research t
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  1. John Dauphinais says:

    Anavex Life Sciences (AVXL) is currently enrolling for a Phase 3 Trial related to an Alzheimer’s treatment that slows and possibly stops the progression of the disease at the root level. Please check them out as they are legitimate, and also working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to further a cure for Parkinson’s. Both diseases are neurodegenerative in nature and Anavex’s drug platform for both diseases has a similar method of action or delivery via the Sigma one receptor. Thanks for the read.

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