Extremely High Aluminum Levels Found in Brains of Familial Alzheimer’s Patients

Extremely High Aluminum Levels Found in Brains of Familial Alzheimer’s Patients
A group of patients with inherited forms of Alzheimer’s disease was found to have extremely high brain-aluminum levels, leading researchers to suggest there might be a link between genetic vulnerability to the condition and a higher susceptibility to accumulate aluminum in the brain. “Aluminium in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer’s disease” recorded some of the

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  1. Laura says:

    Thank you for this article. Many still argue that there is no link between aluminum and health consequences, despite scientists and researchers showing it’s potential and probable impact.
    There’s a documentary about aluminum called Age of Aluminum, based on book Dirty Little Secret – The Aluminum Files. I strongly reccomend looking into this topic further.
    I would say please do your own research and avoid putting trust in those who try to “debunk” valid claims.

  2. Wadala A. Bashir says:

    Aluminium ion is a highly attractive oxygen-containing species.
    This property might hinder many biochemical processes that will lead to the disease. If so,this will lead me to the synthesis of
    a novel reagent for the treatment and recovery.

  3. Wadala A. Bashir says:

    The high concentration of ethanol in wine, and when the later is stored in glass bottles, will lead to the leaching of aluminium by ethanol due to some sort of complex formation. The injection of this complex will lead to the accumulation of aluminium in the body.

  4. Jim Duncalf says:

    When I was very young back in the late 1940s I remember my father refusing to eat anything cooked in an Aluminum pot nor did he allow the use of aluminum foil in our cooking. He pointed out that Aluminum and Zink both have two electrons in their outer shell (also mercury and lead) but have different masses and conductivity. Zink is used by our body in many processes and if aluminum takes its place it could cause a breakdown in the ability tor our cells to divide and for the electrical impulses used in our nervous system to properly conduct nerve impulses. He convinced me and virtually all the family that Aluminum could cause long term harm to the human body. I am not sure how he came to this theses.. But it’s good to see this theory recognized and now proven.

    • Ellen Johnson says:

      My grandmother only used cast iron for cooking. When my mother changed to aluminum my father threw a fit because she would not change back to cast iron. Throughout the years I used stainless steel only to discover that Diane’s stainless 6 long steel trachea contains nickel in it. Now I am considering cast iron for cooking. Have you any comments or thoughts? Thank you.
      Ellen Johnson

    • Joshua Tatman says:

      Laura, please learn how to read. This article doesn’t establish a link between normal use of aluminum & increased risk of Alzheimer’s. It says that the 144 people who had INHERITED Alzheimer’s had abnormally high aluminum levels in their brains. In other words, there is some mechanism that these people have that pulls aluminum into the brain. Normal people don’t have this mechanism.

      • Joshua Tatman says:

        Also, neither zinc nor aluminum are used in cell division or in the nerve cells’ process of sending electrical impulses (that’s sodium & potassium).

        • Lynda L says:

          hmmm…time for a fact-check: 1) “zink” is a valid spelling in the German language for English “zinc,” and was the original spelling of the word (derived from “zinke”); so unless current spelling is critical to the conversation and disintegrates any points made, IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. 2) Zinc plays a role in cell division. It is essential to enzyme systems that influence cell division and cell proliferation (growth). Look it up: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10801966 3) While this particular article discusses the correlation of aluminum levels in the brain and inherited Alzheimer’s, it is widely accepted, and studies have proven, that aluminum is a neurotoxin and causes aluminum-induced neurodegeneration…follow link to report https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27479193 4) yes, zinc has two valence electrons, and aluminum has 3, but the comment was that “both had two electrons” which is a correct statement…he did not say that both only have two. Aluminum’s valence electrons easily bond to oxygen (it is very reactant) to form an aluminum oxide, which “sticks” to aluminum products; however, inside the body, aluminum, being reactant, can combine with oxygen and other materials, and can inhibit important nutrient absorbption in children; the level at which it becomes a problem varies from individual to individual, much like the amount of calcium in one’s blood system varies. 5) Are you related to Dave Tatman, Director of the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association, who advocated for Hansens Aluminum’s new aluminum extrusion manufacturing plant in Kentucky?

  5. Jen says:

    I believe this a hundred percent as my dad was abusing drogs for over 20 years consuming them from aluminium foil. Now he suffers from Alzheimer’s. I’m sure that this is strongly linked!

  6. Kat says:

    So with in the increase in vaccinations constantly being pushed at us and young children it would be interesting to note the vaccination schedules of the patients tested as aluminum is an adjuvant used in many vaccines. Why is this question often overlooked and left out of studies one must wonder?

  7. Bob Basher says:

    Why don’t the scientists look at the environment? The Govt is spraying 20 Million Tons of Aluminum Sulfate into the atmosphere each year which all settles down on all of us. This is the Geoengineering program. I contend that we all have varying levels of aluminum in our systems right now. We need to stop looking to Big Pharma for a solution, we need to stop spraying the atmosphere with these toxins.

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