Rush University Medical Center to Study Alzheimer’s Risk Factors in Latinos

Rush University Medical Center to Study Alzheimer’s Risk Factors in Latinos
Rush University Medical Center in Chicago will investigate risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease among Latinos, a study it hopes will shed light on how Hispanics age. The decision to do the research comes at time when scientists are predicting a nine-fold increase in Alzheimer’s cases among those of Latin American descent by 2060. To try to get a handle on the risk of Latinos developing Alzheimer's and dementia, researchers at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Core Center will measure cognition and movement in Hispanics. "Past studies suggest that Latinos may have a higher risk of developing dementia compared to other groups, and a significant number appears to be getting Alzheimer's disease at a younger age," Dr. David X. Marquez, the Alzheimer's center's lead investigator of the study, said in a press release. "Also, past surveys indicate that Latinos are less likely to see doctors because of financial and language barriers, often mistaking dementia symptoms for normal aging, thus delaying diagnosis," he said. A report from UsAgainstAlzheimer’s predicts that the proportion of Latinos 65 and older will increase by 224 percent between 2008 and 2030. That compares with a 65 percent increase among non-Latino whites. Another projection is that the number of Latinos with Alzheimer’s disease will increase by 832 percent in the next five decades — from 37
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  1. Brew69 says:

    I am going to throw something at this community that could make your head spin literally…….
    I am a 65 year old male who’s memory is very sharp today. I am remembering many childhood experiences now that are triggered by something that I have seen or have read in recent times.
    Here are a few things that I do. Stay away from fried foods. Start each meal with a good salad. And “once a week” – here is the controversial part – I buy one pint of Bacardi Rum light, one pack of Marlboro cigarettes, and one liter of Coke and have one relaxing evening at home. After about 5 – 6 drinks, 3 – 4 cigarettes, I generally get a nice buzz and will retire for the evening. Before I retire I throw out the reminder of the Rum & cigarettes. Sometimes I might save one cigarette to have with my daily “one coffee” morning ritual. My take….the coke cleans the cobwebs (brain) and ramps up the heartrate, the rum and nicotine provide the offsetting stimuli that complements the cleansing. Morning after there might be some lack of focus, but that usually clears up on the second day. I love my routine – moderation is the key. I feel for those that don’t have a clear head. I wish there were more studies about these so-called bad habits. But everything should be looked at in order to find a cure to this terrible life-taking disease.

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