How Virtual Reality Is Brightening up Dementia Patients’ Lives

This moving video from Tribemix explores how modern technology is helping people with dementia. Find out about the use of music therapy for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  The footage shows three dementia patients using a virtual reality headset that surrounds them with peaceful settings like beaches and forests. The experience helps to instantly calm the patients and significantly improves their

Knowledge is power when living with alzheimers.

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  1. I recently saw an article about a much smaller (certainly lighter) and more female friendly version of such goggles, but I don’t know the manufacturer. My mom needs something like this really bad, and it’s basically been my schooling background to create technology like this too many years before it was within reach.

    But are there expert selected options to choose from since music scores can play a huge role in memory recollection? And anything specific to short term memory games? Even something as simple as ordering a virtual lunch and prompted to remember it seconds later would go a long way I’m sure.

    It’s terrible having to watch a parent deteriorate from neural network degeneration.

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