Drinking Tea May Boost Cognition and Ward Off Dementia, Singapore Study Suggests

Drinking Tea May Boost Cognition and Ward Off Dementia, Singapore Study Suggests
Drinking tea may lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive ailments, concludes a study that followed elderly adults in Singapore. Since objectively measurable markers of tea consumption are now available, researchers at the National University of Singapore urge more efforts to examine the individual compounds in tea responsible for this effect. Their study, “Tea consumption reduces

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  1. Zachary Yim says:

    What about coffee drinkers? Is there any difference between drinking at different times of the day/night? How much? Minimal level of tea intake?

  2. ryan carty says:

    I don’t believe coffee has the same neuroprotective properties as tea does yes it has good polyphenols which is a strong antioxidant but I think that’s it. I believe the actual tea leaves have the neuroprotective properties in them that’s why they say the leaves are better than the tea bags. Also the more tea you drink the higher protection you get from it.

  3. ryan carty says:

    BTW they recently discovered that actinobacteria is what’s causing Alzheimer’s disease they did autopsies on deceased patient’s brains for research and found numerous strains of the bacteria which caused them to get the disease. I have whipple’s disease which is the same exact bacteria t. whipplei, actinobacteria, and actinomycetes are all the same thing. When they find a cure for actinobacteria then it will be a cure for many, many different diseases. This I’m certain of I was a respiratory therapist for 10 yes in Philadelphia where I also taught clinical before this sickness took hold of me.

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