Can a Cheek Swab Be Used to Diagnose Alzheimer’s? 3D Clinical Trial Suggests it Can

Can a Cheek Swab Be Used to Diagnose Alzheimer’s? 3D Clinical Trial Suggests it Can
Canada's 3D Signatures has developed a simple cheek swab to identify patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and even distinguish among those with mild, moderate or severe stages of the illness, according to results from a clinical trial. The analyses, based on the company's TeloView software platform, will appear in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, though a 3D press release did not specify when. The search for sensitive and non-invasive markers to detect Alzheimer’s has been a hot topic lately. For now, scientists can only make a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s after death, and amyloid plaques are detected in a patient's brain. And although current imaging methods can detect the Alzheimer's protein in the brains of living people, doctors don't consider this method practical for routine screening. “Current diagnostic methods are not highly specific,” said Sabine Mai, MD, co-founder and principal inventor of 3D. “In addition, AD is only confirmed post-mortem pathologically. There is a significant need for an accurate, non-invasive biomarker that can diagnose AD and indicate disease progression, and we believe TeloView has the potential to answer that important call.” 3D Signatures tested its TeloView platform on 44 patients with Alzheimer’s and an equal number of healthy controls of the same age and sex. All patients provided a cheek swab sample; the platform then produced telomeric profiles from cells taken from inside the cheek. Accord
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  1. Larry Steinhauer says:

    I heard that Dr. Sharon Cohen was giving a talk on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Cheek Swab at The Old Mill in Toronto.

    Will similar talks be given in the east end of the city, preferably near or at 1 Valleybrook Drive in the nearr future?

    I would be very interested in being tested.

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