How to Support Someone Diagnosed With a Terminal Illness

It's devastating when a friend or family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness. You want to reach out to help, but you're often unsure how to handle the situation and what to say—fearful of saying the wrong thing. We've compiled a list of ways to help support your loved through this difficult time with help from Try to Continue With Normal Routines Trying to carry on with normal life for as long as possible is very important. Include your loved one in activities as you would normally, talk about the same routine things you've always chatted about, encourage them to continue with hobbies and pastimes they enjoy. Be Mindful of Whether They Want Others to Know Some people are extremely private when it comes to their health, whereas others may be very open and honest with everyone they meet. Follow their lead and only discuss their illness with other people if you feel it's appropriate and in a situation they would approve of. Dementia makes the world a frightening and confusing place as this video demonstrates. Ask Important Questions About Their Future There will be difficult but important questions to ask about your loved one's continued care and their last wishes. Bear in mind that they may change their mind about treatment or care choices down the line so you need to establish throughout if they are comfortable with the decisions they've made. Become a Good Listener Your loved one will be going through a rollercoaster of emotions and will likely need a sounding board. Try to listen without offering your own opinion (unless it's specifically asked for)
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