5 Reasons to Be Physically Active When You Have Alzheimer’s Disease

There are many reasons to stay physically active when you have Alzheimer's disease. Physical activity can be anything that gets you out and about, including gardening, walking the dog, swimming or taking an exercise class. Here are some of the reasons you should participate in regular physical activity according to the Alzheimer's Association and WebMD. Improves Overall Health Regular exercise can help improve overall health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as decreasing the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Builds Strength Physical activity helps to strengthen muscles and bones, which in turn help to improve balance and prevent falls. Aids Sleep A good night's sleep is paramount for anyone, but especially those who have Alzheimer's. Exercise promotes better sleep which helps with mood, memory, and energy levels. Ten interesting facts and figures about Alzheimer's disease. Improves Memory and Brain Function There have been studies that suggest that patients with early stage Alzheimer's disease can help delay memory loss and improve cognitive skills with regular exercise or slow down the progression of the disease. (Source: MayoClinic) Improves Mood Exercise has been proven to improve mood and help fight against depression. Choosing physical activities that you enjoy or can incorporate into a varied social life will also help keep you connected to your friends and family.
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