10 Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s That May Surprise You

While the occasional memory loss occurs for most people regardless of age, frequent memory loss is not a normal part of the aging process and could signal dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Some of the early warning signs to look out for may surprise you, and while occasionally suffering from one or two of the signs is probably nothing to worry about, if you or a loved one suffers from a few of these symptoms more frequently then you may need to see a doctor, according to alzheimers.net and WebMD. Memory loss: Forgetting important events, asking over and over for the same information, having to rely on memory aid such as calendars and reminder notes more often, forgetting people's names or events. Trouble conversing: Difficulty finding the right words to say, losing the thread of the conversation, using the wrong words or names for things and people. Trouble with problem solving and planning: Difficulty concentrating on detailed tasks or following simple instructions, doing simple arithmetic such as balancing a checkbook, or planning your diary. MORE: Can exercise delay or even prevent Alzheimer's disease? Misplacing items: Suddenly putting things in strange places, like the keys in the fridge or a cellphone in the microwave. Inability to track down things when they are in their usual place and accusing others of stealing your items. Difficulty completing simple tasks: Struggling to cook a simple meal, drive to a well-known destination, play a favorite card game or complete an everyday work task.
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