Supply of ‘Ready-to-Test’ Mice Being Made Available to Alzheimer’s Researchers

Supply of ‘Ready-to-Test’ Mice Being Made Available to Alzheimer’s Researchers
Taconic Biosciences is improving its services to Alzheimer’s disease researchers — creating a ready-to-use stock of an important mouse model of the disease. Earlier procedures forced researchers to wait for months to receive mice ready for experiments, potentially slowing research efforts. As human brains are difficult to study, animal models are often used in Alzheimer’s research.

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  1. Dante J Marciani says:

    While transgenic mice are an important tool in Alzheimer’s research, we should recognize its limitations. For practical purposes, all of the drugs that showed pre-clinically promising results in this animal model went to just show disappointments in clinical trials. Hence, they evidently are an excellent first line of testing, but after, some other animal models, closer to Alzheimer’s should be used. Yes, it means extra time, but it also means products with higher chances of success. The past endless failures of the putative vaccines and monoclonal antibodies after excellent results in mice, has created havoc and confusion in the Alzheimer’s disease research area.

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