How Service Dogs Are Trained for Dementia Patients

Service dogs can provide a helping hand for anyone suffering from dementia. They can be taught hundreds of small tasks that can really make a big difference to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients, giving them back some autonomy, allowing them to get more out of life and taking some of the burden from caregivers. MORE: Ten benefits of having a

Knowledge is power when living with alzheimers.

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  1. Peggy says:

    What type of trainer is needed and can an older dog be trained to work with someone with alzheimer’s? Also where does one find a trainer to train a dog?

    • Tim Bossie says:

      Hi Peggy, those are all great questions. However, most of the answers are going to be determined by your location and available services. For the most part, older dogs are not trained, but that is up to the individual dog’s temperment. We would recommend that you contact a local support group or your doctor to talk more about a service dog and what is required as most of the time you do need a prescription or recommendation.

  2. Sheila says:

    My husband has Alzheimer’s. Our son and wife have 2 dogs that we love. My husband is enamored with a 65 lbd black mouth cur. A very gentle male dog who loves attention and is very social and trainable, though shy. He is a rescue dog.
    They have another female rescue dog that is part dalmatian. Timid but full of spunk with us (especially my husband.) Though these dogs ages 5 and 4, are established with my son, his wife and 10 month old son. We feel they could be of benefit to us and would get more structure and exercise with us. Think this is a good idea?

  3. Louise N says:

    This is a tremendous development and one that we should have access to. I wish Wendy Henderson had done the journalistic research for us. My husband’s gerontologist had no idea what to say when I asked about service dogs for AD. I did a search and found nothing concrete, just a lot of redundant articles saying that studies were ongoing in Israel and Scotland. If there are places in the USA that currently train service dogs for AD patients, why are they not making that information available to the public? If you know that such organizations exist in the USA, please provide us with that information. Thank you!

  4. Kamay says:

    Here’s a list of Alzheimer Service Dog trainers since Wendy and Tim give **** advice and no actual answers. I’m sending you all love, patience and best wishes on your journey.

    1. (USA)
    2. (SCOTLAND)
    3. (USA)
    4. (USA)
    5. (USA)
    6. (USA)

    Service Dogs for Alzheimer and Dementia is a new concept, so not a lot of place cater to this exact need. Trainers are just now starting to train more dogs for this exact reason.

    If you cannot find a Alzheimer/Dementia service dog organization near you then look into getting an ESA or Mobility dog and get special training specially to meet your loved one’s needs.

    This page >> < <

    If I find out more I will post it here.
    best wishes to everyone <3

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