3 New Studies Will Add to IDEAS Research on Dementia Causes and Care

3 New Studies Will Add to IDEAS Research on Dementia Causes and Care
The $100 million IDEAS (Imaging Dementia — Evidence for Amyloid Scanning) Study is working closely with researchers and government officials to add three additional studies to the main project, where more than 18,000 people with cognitive deterioration but whose diagnosis is unclear are receiving a brain amyloid PET scan. Those included in the IDEAS Study can take part in one or

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  1. Olga Moya says:

    What steps does one take if interested in participating? I am 67 years old and am interested in participating. My mother, 96 years old, has dementia.

  2. Susan Stanley says:

    How can I help with end of life directives to stop the miserable lingering. I just lost my father to Alzheimers?

  3. Audy giblin says:

    How/ who to contact to get someone in the study. Live in Corpus Christi Texas but can go to San Antonio or Houston for test etc

  4. Marilyn says:

    Wonderful news for those over 65. How about the person who is 58? Seems the medical community has forgotten about them. Just take your medication and wait until we can help you at 65 or you die. I’m a caregiver and very disappointed with the whole situation of not helping the early on-set person. We pay for all doctor’s appointments, every scan, blood test, and spinal test so far. Each day I hope my husband can keep his job. He does not qualify for any study due to his age. How disappointing. 🙁

  5. George Andre says:

    How to take part in the ANGI study? My wife is currently in the mild stage of cognitive decline, on aricept each day since diagnosis 18 months ago.

    • Martha Buck says:

      I have a tentative diagnosis of Multiple System Atrophy. The only definitive symptom notice is increasing dementia – difficulty with memory, stuttering speech, confusion, executive function inability. Would I be eligible for one of the new tests being run by the Alzheimers Association?

  6. Sharon K Persley says:

    I am a care giver for a man that has what seems to be quickly declining dementia. He has Mild MR, he smokes,Type II diabetic along with a few other mild medical issues. I just want an idea how to handle him as well as my staff with his decline. I am also answering to his three sisters. I’m looking to see if there is something he can do to help others while he is helping himself. please keep me in mind when you do any kind of research volunteers in South Central Indiana [email protected] Sharon K

  7. Rose says:

    How do I go about having my husband participate in these studies. He is 67 and was diagnosed Aug of 2016. Thank you.

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