Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Helps Preserve Memory and Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Helps Preserve Memory and Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds
The Mediterranean diet is widely associated with an array of health benefits including lower incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM), in Philadelphia, have found that one major component of the Mediterranean diet in particular — extra-virgin olive oil — protects against cognitive decline. The Mediterranean diet, as described by

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  1. Keith Macaulay-Fraser says:

    I’m male, overweight and 71.

    Extra-virgin olive oil has been a very small constituent of my diet (approx 1 litre per year) for five years or so.

    For the last four weeks(!) I’ve taken a twice daily swig (dessertspoon +) of E.V.O.O. (a robust one that makes you cough) and even allowing for placebo/psychosomatic effect the results are very encouraging.

    Prior to (and in the first week or ten days of) taking the oil in increased quantities I was almost completely unaware of having dreamed.

    At best, very occasionally I would awaken with a faint sense of a wisp of something slipping quietly away but leaving no trace as to what it might have been.

    As well as this I now know, with the benefit of hindsight, that I had virtually no awareness of any passage of time whilst asleep.

    The recent changes have been both incredible and extremely uplifting.

    With regard to a sense of elapsed time I no longer feel that I fall asleep and then morning arrives very quickly with nothing in between.
    My sleep now takes place over a definable and appropriate length of time.

    On re-reading, I realise that the last sentence doesn’t seem to make much sense. I’ll try to make it clearer.

    Prior to taking more olive oil I would go to bed around 11:30pm, read for up to an hour then fall asleep without any assistance. I would awake once or twice to urinate prior to arising at about 9:00am.

    Regardless of length, the periods of sleep would seem to have been compressed into very short chunks during which nothing happened.

    Now I awake aware that several hours of restorative sleep has occurred. I feel refreshed and relaxed plus my general demeanour (always quite good) is now thoroughly excellent and very positive.

    Had I been prescribed a ‘wonder drug’ I could not be more impressed.

    I’d tell you about last night’s dreams which involved flying, soup-making (and consuming), gathering parts for a classic car and a friend’s dramatic visit to a lavatory but I’m disinclined to take up any more of your time that would be put to better use at your nearest purveyor of E.v.o.o.

    It gets better!

    My wife has just remarked that my (one-fingered) typing is noticeably quicker and I’ve also realised that it’s required fewer corrections.

    I have no shares in any olive grove but I’m thinking of getting some!

    • Julia says:

      How much evoo do you need to take daily for these benefits to show please. I am very concerned about my mother and going to broach the subject of a memory clinic but I would like to start her on evoo, just need the right dose a day x

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