8 Alternative Alzheimer’s Treatments and the Concerns About Them

Though there are many different alternative treatments and therapies touted for helping those who live with Alzheimer’s disease, they’re often unproven. While taking some supplements is unlikely to cause any adverse health issues, there are some that may cause problems, particularly where purity cannot be assured, a safe dosage hasn’t been established or if the

Knowledge is power when living with alzheimers.

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  1. Dante J Marciani says:

    Evidently the only approaches to prevent/treat Alzheimer’s disease that are supported by evidence, like the cloning of aducanumab a copy of a natural protective antibody found in older but cognitively normal people, are the immune therapeutic ones. It is unfortunate that all the vaccine studies failed, a result of the limitations of the transgenic mouse model, since all of the failed products yielded promising results in this model; and dubious vaccine formulations that rather than eliciting an immune response like the natural one, tried to replace it. Considering that by year 2050 there will be 125 million cases of this disease just in the developing countries, which means that those at risk will be several times that number, it is clear that we would need effective and affordable methods to prevent this disease. As far as I can see, only preventive vaccination will do that; an approach that it is being abandoned because of poor results obtained with questionable vaccine formulations in a less than suitable animal model.

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