Texas Photographer Specializes in Alzheimer’s, Capturing Treasured Moments for Families

Texas Photographer Specializes in Alzheimer’s, Capturing Treasured Moments for Families
It's easy to forget — or be reluctant — to take family photographs when a member of the family is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. The daily challenges, the ups and downs, can take a huge toll on patients and caregivers alike. Still, it is still important to remember and honor the ordinary moments. Carmen Buck, a photographer in Austin, Texas, is doing precisely that. Buck, the official photographer for Alzheimer's Texas, is working to help families treasure moments and the memories they bring. “One family told me, 'These photos are priceless and mean so much to us now that she is gone,'" Buck said in a press release. "Families don't know how to honor and create meaningful memories as unexpected changes occur with their loved ones and relationships.” Buck, the president of Carmen Buck Photography, worked for 40 years as a holistic nurse practitioner and saw many people in her care seeking meaning and connection during challenging times. Later, she turned to photography to fill this need, bringing healing and connection to Alzheimer's disease families through storytelling and photography. Buck focuses on three dimensions to honor Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers:

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  1. Carmen Buck says:

    Carolina- Thank you for your beautifully written article and for sharing the (my) mission with Carmen Buck Photography. It is so important to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias. Why? How else can we get earlier diagnosis and care, assistance/support to those who need it and hope for a cure? Less than 2 years ago my work was in the clinic helping people one by one, and now thanks to articles like yours, I feel able to support so many more.

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