10 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy Through Cold and Flu Season

It's that time of year when everyone starts to get sick and passing around their cold and flu germs. Having a chronic illness means that your immune system is already compromised, which makes picking up other people's winter illnesses harder to avoid. However, you don't have to lock yourself away until spring, just heed some basic advice on how to keep those nasty germs at bay. 1. Get a flu shot: This is the most important and one of the easiest things you can do to avoid getting the flu. (Source: WebMD) MORE: Do you really know what Alzheimer's is? 2. Limit your alcohol intake: Drinking alcohol interferes with your sleep, meaning you'll sleep less and the sleep you get will be of a poorer quality. You are more likely to succumb to colds and flus if you're tired. (Source: health.com) 3. Drink tea with lemon and honey: Ditch the milk and sugar and add honey and lemon to your cup of tea instead. The steam from the tea stimulates the tiny hair follicles up the nose to flush out germs. Honey (particularly manuka honey) is antibacterial and lemons are high in vitamin C and help thin mucus. (Source: health.com) 4. Sanitize your workspace: Keeping your workspace as clean as possible will help keep germs at bay. Use disinfectant to deep clean anything that people handle a lot: elevator buttons, chair armrests, microwaves, fridges, remote controls, photocopier machine buttons, door handles, shared computer keyboards, etc. (Source: health.com) MORE: Is it possible to treat Alzheimer's a decade before symptoms appear?  5. Use your own pens: Keep your own pens on you at all times, this way you won't need to use shared pens at the bank, doctor's office, or office reception. (Source: health.com) 6. Stop biting your nails: Unless you can guarantee tha
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