Asthma Drug Montelukast Tested as Alzheimer’s Treatment in Proof-of-concept Trial

Asthma Drug Montelukast Tested as Alzheimer’s Treatment in Proof-of-concept Trial
Canada's IntelGenx has launched a Phase 2a proof-of-concept trial to explore whether the old asthma medication montelukast may be an option for treating Alzheimer’s disease. The idea that montelukast — also used to treat hay fever — may succeed where other approaches have failed, stems from research at Austria's Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg. A team led by Dr. Ludwig Aigner has showed that montelukast has several properties that could be valuable for treating Alzheimer's. It prevents inflammatory processes, driven by factors called leukotrienes. Experiments also show that it boosts the production of nerve cell progenitors. These properties may give montelukast the ability to rejuvenate the aged brain, researchers believe. “Current treatments for Alzheimer’s disease are limited," Dr. Horst G. Zerbe, president and CEO of IntelGenx, said in a press release. "Accordingly, we believe that Montelukast has the potential to be a true game changer and are very excited to commence this trial." IntelGenx, which makes alte
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  1. Very interesting indeed. A drug used for asthma and hay fever may treat Alzheimer’s disease! We just have to keep our fingers crossed for the next 26 weeks to see how this proof-of-concept trial turns out.

  2. Joanna Crowder says:

    I thought I should share my personal experience. It made me so forgetful I thought I was developing Alzheimer’s. Within 24 hours after I stopped taking it I noticed a significant improvement. It has been three weeks now and I continue to improve. I am 65 and female . I have not seen much anecdotal evidence that this is common in adults but it was so very apparent in my life I thought I should share. Please check your parents because this was real and very noticeable by my friends and family as well.

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