Carvedilol Failed to Improve Episodic Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients

Carvedilol Failed to Improve Episodic Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients
Results from a pilot Phase 4 clinical trial evaluating the potential benefit of a known blood pressure and heart failure treatment, carvedilol, in Alzheimer’s disease showed the medicine had no effect in the episodic memory of patients. However, carvedilol was able to prevent the increase of beta-amyloid levels in cerebrospinal fluid. Alzheimer’s disease is caused by

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  1. Niklas Reich says:

    It looks like the duration of the study was too short. There was no deterioration of the placebo group in the Hopkins Verbal Learning Test, as the results of the trial indicate. It seems to be a general problem that early-phase AD patients are recruited who do not show any noticeable impairments within trials. While this is fantastic for the patients, it makes it harder for the tested drug to show improvements/achieve statistic significance. Also, the number of participants was very small.

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