Roche Set to Start Two Phase 3 Trials of Gantenerumab in People with Early to Mild Alzheimer’s

Roche Set to Start Two Phase 3 Trials of Gantenerumab in People with Early to Mild Alzheimer’s
The safety and efficacy of Roche’s gantenerumab, a treatment candidate for Alzheimer’s, will be tested in two global Phase 3 clinical trials in patients with early to mild forms of the disease. The studies follow a long research process that defined the therapy’s optimal dose. The GRADUATE1 (NCT03444870) and GRADUATE2 (NCT03443973) trials will both run for two years (104

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  1. maria damato says:

    my name is maria damato i live on long island in ny. i have been diagnosed with mild alzheimer’s disease i would like to join your study

    • Niklas Reich says:

      Dear Maria,

      As it is stated in the text above, Roche will run two clinical trials with gantenerumab: GRADUATE1 (NCT03444870) and GRADUATE2 (NCT03443973). These trials will probably start recruiting patients by the end of July 2018.

      If you want to participate, you should contact Roche via email: [email protected].
      When contacting them, you should state a Reference Study ID Number, depending on which trial you want to participate in –> for GRADUATE1, state “WN29922” as reference study ID Number and for GRADUATE2, state “WN39658”.
      I am not affiliated with Roche in any way, thus I cannot tell you if there is a major difference between GRADUATE1 and GRADUATE2. You might just ask Roche directly via the email address I have given you earlier.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Leslie Sanqui says:

    My husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we live in Southern California, and I would like for him to participate. At the moment he is taking Memantine and Donepezil, 5 mg each every day. Please let me know if he can participate, and if this is an open trial. Thank you

  3. Gita Far says:

    my 81 year old mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer. We live in va.
    do yo know where either one of the two drug are being tested?

    I am interested in any phase 3 drug for mild alzheimer’s disease.

    Can someone please help me with this. Beside Roche who else is running phase 3 on Alzheimer and what state/city is it being conducted.

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