Failed Verubecestat Trial May Call into Question Beta-amyloid Theory in Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests

Failed Verubecestat Trial May Call into Question Beta-amyloid Theory in Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests
Verubecestat (MK-8931) indeed failed to slow cognitive and functional decline in mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s patients despite some reduction in beta-amyloid levels seen, final results of a Phase 2/3 study closed early by Merck for lack of efficacy confirmed. The researchers behind this study suggested these findings may call into question whether the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s is

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    This failure is another example of self-fulfilled prophesies. Twenty years ago it was shown that the agent causing Alzheimer’s was not the plaque, but the soluble toxic amyloid-beta oligomers. Since then, many papers have shown that such is the case; yet, the obsession with plaque continues adding confusion and slowing down progress. From several publications we can deduct that in AD, prevention will be answer; thus the efforts should be focus on the causative agent, i.e. the soluble cytotoxic amyloid oligomers, rather than on a dubious marker of the disease, i.e. plaque.

  2. Doogie Howser says:

    I don’t trust Big Pharma and Lobbying , the conservative corporate socialist is going to make sure, the people are at their mercy taking medicines that are prescribed that cause the symptoms that they are supposed to mask with no improvements. yet, they believe they are protecting the elderly with some ongoing nonfactual nonsense with no improvements. how in the hell are the FDA approving the current medicines the doctors are currently prescribing the Alzhiemers patients with no improvements and that have been causing more side effects that are the same symptoms they are supposed to mask? not even cure. Yet, the doctors have this attitude they are morally and ethically right to ensure the elderly are taking this poison with no positive improving results. Because they know they can offer momentarily temporarily in and out of it by keeping them incoherent and when they come out of it one moment they measure that momentary result and say it’s helping them. There you are. how long do you think people will live through their retirement, and is connected to poverty, and to Big Pharma and Big Govt, not wanting you to live long on a safety net. But yet it is about to double in numbers.

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