Continued Physical Activity Benefits Older Adults at Risk of Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests

Continued Physical Activity Benefits Older Adults at Risk of Alzheimer’s, Study Suggests
Continued activity improves physical health in older adults at risk of Alzheimer’s, which in turn can potentially reduce their risk of developing the disease, according to results of an Australian clinical trial. The study, “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Adherence to a 24-Month Home-Based Physical Activity Program and the Health Benefits for Older Adults at Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease: The AIBL Active-Study,” was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Currently, there is no effective pharmacological therapy to prevent cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, but a third of Alzheimer’s cases worldwide are estimated to be associated with modifiable risk factors, such as physical inactivity and mid-life obesity. Introducing lifestyle modifications to reduce these risk factors can potentially work as a strong preventative against Alzheimer’s disease. Increasing physical activity has the potential not only to reduce the risk from inactivity but also from obesity, as it reduces fat mass and increases muscle mass. Previous studies have shown that physical activity interventions can improve physical and cognitive function in older adults with mild cognitive impairment or subjective memory complaints who are at increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. But the success of these programs is dependent on the participant’s adherence to them. Whether a long-term, home-based physical activity program would achieve hig
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  1. Tohru Hasegawa says:

    Yes, Exercise is a good prevention of cognitive decline of MCI person. Science already reported that exercise increased our BDNF in our brain, which inhibited the ovwrstimulated extrasyanaptic NMDA receptor of hippocampus in MCI and prevented the memory decline.

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