Despite Alzheimer’s, My Mom Never Lost Sight of Motherhood

Despite Alzheimer’s, My Mom Never Lost Sight of Motherhood
I recently discovered this article celebrating Mother's Day and found it to be an enjoyable read because it rings true for me.

Honest Abe earned his nickname

All of us tend to be sentimental about our moms. Inspired by wonderful mothers, many of us could write 100 quotes of our own lauding the incredible women who raised us. The article includes a quote from our 16th president. Perhaps you can identify with the words of Abraham Lincoln: “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” It's a beautiful quote, but Lincoln’s mother had nothing on mine, who was an angel and close to a saint. Toward the end of her life, my mom required familial care due to the onset of dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s disease. Even as the disease ravaged her brain, my mother remained her sweet self and, by God’s grace, never lost sight of motherhood. She forgot many things but held on to being a mom.

The randomness of the disease

The disease was so heinous that sometimes Mom didn’t recognize herself in a mirror. How is it possible that she didn’t know her own reflection, but never failed to identify me as her child? She forgot names and sometimes confused me with my sister, but she remained confident in her familial relationships.

Mom was a nurturer

She would ask, “Are you warm enough? Are you hungry? Do you need money?” Occasionally when one of us had to work late, Mom would insist on waiting up until we returned home. I’d walk into a quiet house to find her
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