Finding the Motivation to Avoid the ‘Caregiving Slump’

Finding the Motivation to Avoid the ‘Caregiving Slump’
Life doesn’t come to a screeching halt while you care for a person who has Alzheimer’s disease. Time marches on for familial caregivers. There is a certain fluidity to life. We want to go with the flow, but it is difficult as we swim against the current. Events and special occasions sweep by. One day we’ll get back to the distractions that make life interesting, but for now, we’ll stick to the mundane tasks of life. That's the rut of caregiving.

A better alternative

Avoiding the snare of a caregiving slump is easier said than done. We relegate both happy and sad events to a back burner, choosing to address the mundane and demanding responsibilities. It's understandable, but should be a last resort for a caregiver as well as for the person with Alzheimer's. Sidestepping life becomes the norm, rather than the exception. But there's a better alternative. Before Alzheimer’s disease reaches a debilitating climax, allow your loved one to keep experiencing life. Get out and about when you can, before the disease steals the ability to express appropriate responses to outside stimuli.

Pursuing life

In the early days of my mother's disease, there were graduation parties, weddings, and funerals to attend. These are the events of which life is made, and my mother was still able to take part in most of them. But for me, the activities were nerve-wracking. I was often on pins and needles. What if she made the same faux pas while we were out that she sometimes made at home? I fea
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