Caregiver Preparation Is Key to Patient Care During a Catastrophe

Caregiver Preparation Is Key to Patient Care During a Catastrophe
At the time of this writing, all eyes are on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian. The state of Florida, all boarded up and awash with storm warnings and watches, braces for Dorian’s arrival as it continues to lash devastating wind and rain on Grand Bahama Island. The islanders have now endured the storm for over 24 hours.

Weathering a storm and Alzheimer's disease

Imagine caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease while also weathering such a storm. It is nearly unthinkable, but you know that it happens. Familial caregivers at home and workers in care facilities are faced with keeping patients safe while also meeting their physical needs. Storms are acts of God that keep caregivers on their toes. Vigilance is the word of the day, and in a catastrophe, letting one's guard down could result in loss of life. At the very least, it will impact how easily you and your loved one or patient make it through the storm intact. Many of us will never have to brave a Category 5 hurricane, but situations like this drive home the importance of preparedness.

Prepare for the unforeseen before it rears its ugly head

Preparation is key to survival, not only in a catastrophe, but also in the day-to-day challenges of caregiving. Employing the following tips will help ensure your loved one’s safety and make things easier for you as a caregiver when life becomes frenzied:

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