Holiday Travel Is Possible in Early Stages of Alzheimer’s

Holiday Travel Is Possible in Early Stages of Alzheimer’s
A record number of people are expected to travel this holiday season. The travelers will undoubtedly include familial caregivers journeying with loved ones who have dementia. These are courageous individuals, perhaps seeking one last hurrah before Alzheimer’s disease prevents them from traveling to faraway destinations. Taking a trip with someone who has Alzheimer’s is challenging, but it’s doable with persons in the early stages of the disease. It takes more planning and closer attention to detail — the very characteristics associated with caregiving. The difference is that you’re mobile while doing it. It won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, but these tips will help make the trip memorable in a good way.

Strategic planning

While living in the moment is essential, flying by the seat of our pants is not. Traveling and caregiving require extensive planning and organization that includes thinking outside the box.

Respect your loved one's routine

How do your loved ones respond to certain stimuli? Do they react well to instructions? When are they most responsive? Will traveling in the morning after a good night’s rest make the day go more smoothly? Are frequent naps part of their daily routine? Driving during sleepy times might be advantageous. Gaining miles while your loved one quietly naps in the passenger seat could be a godsend.

Plan bathroom breaks

Polite conversation doesn’t include bathroom habits, but it is a discussion that caregivers should have with themselves. It is a concern when traveling, especially if your loved one wears disposable underwear. Infusing bathroom bre
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