Accessing Benefits Can Be Challenging for Parents with Alzheimer’s Disease

Accessing Benefits Can Be Challenging for Parents with Alzheimer’s Disease
As it becomes necessary, an elderly person, particularly one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, may move from one city or state to another. Moving in with a family member or to an assisted living facility is an involved process, and little of it is fun. The death of a spouse further complicates the matter. During their time of mourning, a remaining spouse is often tasked with navigating leftover business. They can’t put it off until later, because the results of what they accomplish could make a difference to their lifestyle in the coming years. Accessing pertinent information, even for the cognitively agile among us, can be extremely difficult. Imagine the frustration for someone who has been diagnosed with dementia or has other issues that complicate their ability to conduct research.

Unclaimed accounts and aging-related issues

Gathering information about veterans and Social Security benefits and pensions isn’t for the faint at heart. It is easy to just plain give up as you wait an eternity on hold, listening to spotty elevator music. (Is it too much to expect a little Michael Bublé or Ed Sheeran?) Additionally, a person with dementia may be confused by the intermittent interruptions of an automated voice informing them how important their call is. It is no wonder that billions of dollars are unclaimed each year, sitting in accounts that are long forgotten or simply abandoned because the system housing them was too difficult to navigate. I can’t prove that the accounts are unclaimed by people with Alzheimer’s disease or elderly people who’ve relocated following the death
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