Caregivers Are Battling on All Fronts to Shield Loved Ones from Pandemic

Caregivers Are Battling on All Fronts to Shield Loved Ones from Pandemic
Caregivers are the first line of defense between their loved ones and, well, everything. Like everyone on the planet, our brains are steeped with thoughts of the coronavirus. It’s our job to stand between our loved ones and the communicable disease, but it’s also our responsibility to keep them from becoming overwrought by all the sad and scary news associated with the pandemic. This is becoming increasingly difficult due to the images we are constantly bombarded with on our TV screens and social media. It’s an issue I’ve discussed in previous columns, but it bears repeating. Life is changing rapidly as the coronavirus continues its devastating trek around the world and across the United States. Local and federal governments continue to monitor cases of COVID-19, placing restrictions on residents in an effort to curb the trajectory of the disease and slow its transmission.

Keep scary stories on the down-low

At the time of writing this column, citizens are encouraged to shelter in place amid the intermittent swirling of the stock market. Schools, restaurants, and other businesses have closed their doors, but not before panic-stricken customers lined up in grocery stores. For a person with cognitive issues, images of shoppers stocking up on and hoarding toilet paper — the most prized possession during the pandemic and the butt of social media jokes (pardon the pun) — are more frightening than funny. Additionally, for some elderly
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