Father’s Day Prompts Memories of My Mom’s Dementia Diagnosis

Father’s Day Prompts Memories of My Mom’s Dementia Diagnosis
Two million men in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of dementia, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s disease. More than 75% of caregivers in the United States are women. I don’t have the stats on how many of those women provide care for a father, but given the numbers, there must be quite a few. My mother was the parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in our family. Obviously, given a choice, I would prefer that neither of my wonderful parents be plagued with dementia. However, I believe that caring long-term for my father, rather than my mother, would have been more complicated.

Emotional toll

There is an emotional toll exacted on caregivers of loved ones with dementia. It is also levied against the person for whom care is provided. It might be exacerbated for a son caring for his mom, or a daughter for her dad. I can’t say for sure. My father’s short bout with a terminal illness placed his daughters in the position of caring for him, but briefly. For a short time, he was forced to endure his little girls
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