Simple Solutions to Everyday Caregiving Challenges

Simple Solutions to Everyday Caregiving Challenges
Little annoyances often are the most frustrating for caregivers. Well, perhaps they're not the most frustrating, but those small irritants certainly do rank right up there. These challenges don't stem directly from the jobs related to caregiving or the person for whom care is provided. Rather, caregivers become exasperated with everyday events that shouldn’t be a big deal — and usually aren’t for a person who is cognitively sound. But for people with dementia, changing the channels on the television set, reading a book, or warming up a cold cup of coffee, for example, become obstacles to their independence.

The act of watching or listening isn’t the problem, but managing technology often is.

Something as simple as the buttons on a remote control can initiate confusion and will interrupt a caregiver’s day. While caregivers are knee-deep in the tasks of caregiving, we also are balancing family, friends, jobs, and more. There are only so many hours in a day, and every minute counts. When a loved one is distracted by a favorite television show or watching the news, it is a moment for the caregiver to catch up with whatever is on the day’s agenda. Interruptions to change a channel on the television are frustrating. Undoing the tangled mess of options that appear on the TV screen, and following a series of buttons being pushed or clicked over and over are equally exasperating. It doesn’t build confidence for a person with Alzheimer's, either.

Restore confidence with simple solutions

Supporting a loved one and helping them to function at the top of their game at each stage of the disease should be every caregiver’s goa
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    Thanks for the tips.I think yoga also help to control yourself especially for those suffering from anger, anxiety or depression.Thank for your post I really enjoyed it.

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