Care Facilities Lockdown Is Hard on Parents with Dementia

Care Facilities Lockdown Is Hard on Parents with Dementia
We were hopeful that COVID-19 would be long gone by now, but unfortunately, it continues its persistent trek across the country. Elderly parents are missing their families, who have been barred from visiting nursing facilities due to the possibility of spreading COVID-19. Seniors are feeling a little lost without interaction from the outside world, and those with Alzheimer’s disease are wondering where their children have disappeared to. Meanwhile, adult children are broken and fearful that their aging parents feel abandoned.

Sadness multiplies for families of patients with dementia

An elderly parent with dementia has good and bad days, but being sheltered from visitors presents an opportunity for more bad than good. I’ve spoken with several caregivers living through the above scenario. Each of these attentive daughters are stressing over the thought of their moms either forgetting who they are, or that their feelings will be perpetually hurt because their girls haven’t come for a visit. Staying in front of the mind with a parent who has dementia is crucial. Yes, they may forget you were there the second you turn the corner from their room, but continual visits often help them to remember the closeness of a daughter, son, or sibling. Even if they don’t remember your name, they may identify emotionally, which wasn't happening on the phone for my friends.

Worry becomes palpable

One friend learned that her mom was ill. Thankfully, it wasn't COVID-19, but it still added worry. In person, perhaps she would have been less concerned about her mom’s weight loss, and certainly her mother would have been less confused if her daughter was able to spend time with her. Perhaps the non-visits are an explanati
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