Alzheimer’s Care During a Catastrophic Event

Alzheimer’s Care During a Catastrophic Event
By the time this column is published, Hurricane Laura will have made landfall. As I write this, all eyes are on Louisiana and Texas, but Arkansas and the mid-Mississippi region also will be affected. Of course, today we have learned the extent of devastation, but on this side of its landing, many prayers and thoughts are extended from everyone at Alzheimer's News Today. My mind is inundated with thoughts of caregivers and their loved ones who have dementia and the preparation that’s required in advance of a hurricane. In fact, preparing for any event is a challenge, and though a killer storm may not be bearing down on you, it pays to plan ahead for the unexpected. The following tips will help.

Organize thoughts and items

Don’t be caught off guard by a catastrophic event. Make a list of what you will need for caregiving, in case you and your loved one are required to evacuate your home.

Prepare a suitcase

Pack a bag or two with essentials and store them where they are easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Place medications at the top of your list of essential items and put them in the getaway bag. You may not know when you’ll be allowed to return home, so keep pharmaceuticals up to date and renewed.

Stock up on personal hygiene products

Not to be indelicate, but if your loved one wears adult diapers (in lieu of personal dignity, preferably referred to as paper underwear), have several packages on hand for future use. Do not make them available for everyday wear, but save them for the emergent situation they could face down the road. Stock up over time and not a
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