Treading Dark Waters - a Column by Ray Burow

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As a former caregiver to an elderly parent who had Alzheimer’s disease, Florida-based Ray counts it a privilege to write columns discussing the day-to-day challenges associated with the onslaught of memory loss. Fighting a relentless foe, caregivers find themselves in the deep trenches, right alongside their loved ones. Her goal is to assist the caregiver on their journey by encouraging them to keep trudging through the mire of uncertainty. “I will be your harbinger of better days to come, so that you’ll know it’s possible to make it through the dark hours, and that even a difficult journey through Alzheimer’s disease can be punctuated with optimism. May you find joy on your journey.”

Seniors Lack Easy Access to Important Health Information

I have a bone to pick with someone, though I am not certain with whom. We must do a better job at reaching the senior population with information that specifically concerns their demographic. The internet is a great tool, even essential, but approximately 27% of adults 65 and older say…

Finding That Conquering Spirit

In each of us is an innate desire to survive, even to thrive. A healthy mind drives us through internal and external conquests. Driven by innateness, some humans feel called to accomplish impossible feats. Think of the everyday people who got up one morning and decided that one day, they’d…

Don’t Let Alzheimer’s Disease Steal Thanksgiving

As exampled by the Pilgrims and the Indigenous people who graced the first Thanksgiving table, families in the United States gather each year to give thanks. The gateway to Christmas and Hanukkah, Thanksgiving sets the season’s tone. How appropriate to begin with thankfulness before gifting one another with Hanukkah or…

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