Experimental Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

The approved drugs for Alzheimer’s disease do not address the underlying cause of the disease, but instead treat only the symptoms. However, there is a vast array of experimental treatments that are being investigated in the quest to find a cure for the disease. Many of these treatments aim to modify the disease process itself.

Treatments that target beta-amyloid protein

One of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease is protein plaques that form between brain cells, made of beta-amyloid fragments. These fragments stick together and disrupt the function of nerve cells.

There are many experimental treatments targetting these protein plaques that are being developed and investigated as potential therapies for Alzheimer’s disease. More information about these is available on our page about experimental treatments that target beta-amyloid plaques.

Treatments that target tau protein

Another type of abnormal protein deposits seen in Alzheimer’s disease are tau protein tangles. These are twisted fibers that cause nutrient transport through nerve cells to be disrupted, ultimately leading to cell death.

Researchers also are developing a number of compounds that target these tau protein tangles. Our page on treatments that target tau protein contains more information about these experimental compounds.

Treatments with other modes of action

Apart from compounds that target beta-amyloid plaques or tau tangles, there also are many different types of experimental treatment approaches in development targeting different aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. More information about these is available on our page titled: “Treatments with other modes of action.”


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