Free Online Series Explores Alzheimer’s, Treatment Challenges and Ways of Lowering Risk

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An upcoming and free web-based documentary series explores why efforts to develop an Alzheimer’s therapy are so challenging and often end in failure, and how individuals can lower their disease risk.

The multi-part series “Alzheimer’s — The Science of Prevention,” opens globally on Oct. 9 and runs through Oct. 20. It’s hosted by the neurologist and author David Perlmutter, and features discussions with some 20 Alzheimer’s experts.

“Over the past several decades the world has witnessed some incredible advances in medicine, but unfortunately, as it relates to brain degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, there has been very little progress,” Perlmutter said in a press release. “Alzheimer’s disease now represents a global epidemic with more than 5.8 million people being diagnosed with this incurable disease right here in America.”

While some medications can help to ease symptoms and possibly slow disease progression, Alzheimer’s has largely confounded scientists seeking more effective treatments, let alone a cure. Still, research shows that healthy lifestyle choices — including a balanced and nutritious diet, and sufficient sleep and exercise — benefit the brain, lowering a person’s risk of cognitive decline and dementia. In the documentary, viewers get advice on maintaining brain health as they age.

“Each and every one of us can drastically improve brain health and disease by implementing the simple recommendations revealed in this documentary series,” Perlmutter said. “It’s time to embrace the notion of preventive medicine, specifically as it relates to brain health.”

Added Andrew Luer, the series’ executive producer: “Although meaningful treatment options for Alzheimer’s are limited, it turns out that we know a great deal about various risk factors for the disease. We can’t change our genes but we can influence the way they are expressed based on the lifestyle choices we make every day.”

Experts interviewed range from physicians and authors to psychologists and professors. They include recognized disease experts like Dale Bredesen, MD; Lisa Mosconi, PhD; and Michael Merznich, MD.

“I’ve been studying the brain virtually my entire adult life,” Perlmutter said on the documentary’s website. “I am absolutely convinced that, by and large, Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease. This is what our most well-respected mainstream research is telling us. Because of this, I set out to interview the best experts across the United States to gather their incredible knowledge as it relates to Alzheimer’s prevention.”

Go here to register to view the series for free online. The documentary is also available for purchase. For more information, you can email here or call 239-404-7187.