Mantra for Living Well With Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

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In this video from Alz Talks, Ronan Smith talks about Alzheimer’s disease and his mantra for living with the condition.

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Ronan’s mantra is to “prepare for the probable, work for the possible and hope for the future” and he has plenty of experience with the disease. His father suffered and died from Alzheimer’s disease in the 1980s and Ronan was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2014.

Smith is able to see the disease from two distinct angles: that of a caregiver and of a patient. His father, Brendan, stubbornly refused to acknowledge his cognitive failings and hid the disease from his family and doctor. Smith talks about how his father’s disease progressed and how few resources there were at the time.

When Smith was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s three years ago he put his mantra into action. He put practical plans in place for later on, improved his diet and added regular exercise, and he put faith in modern medicine and science, hoping that advances would be made in the treatment of the disease.

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