7 Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease to Know About

We’re all familiar with Alzheimer’s disease — it’s the disease that robs us of our loved ones and robs the ones we love of their experiences. But did you know that there are seven stages of Alzheimer’s disease? By knowing the stages and the signs, we can help our loved ones get the help they need. According to alzheimers.net, the first stage of Alzheimer's disease has no signs at all. The person affected has no symptoms — the disease is undetectable. The second stage of the disease is incredibly mild and can be chalked up to the normal forgetfulness of aging. Patients may forget where they left their keys or to turn off the curling iron. They can still do quite well on memory tests, making Alzheimer’s hard to spot for doctors and family alike. MORE: U.K. launches program to raise awareness of invisible illnesses It’s during the third stage that doctors and loved ones begin to spot the disease. This is when patients begin forgetting words they want to use in conversation, have trouble planning events, and remembering names. It’s also the stage where the patient’s scores on memory tests begin to decline. People in stage three often lose personal items. In stage four, patients exhibit clear-cut signs of the disease, including problems with short-term memory. They may find it difficult to remember what they ate for breakfast or details about their lives. Some patients begin to have problems managing their finances. MORE: How light therapy can help Alzheimer's patients When a loved one progresses to stage five, they’ll need help with their daily activities, but they typically can still dress, bathe, and use the restroom on their own. They usually still remember the names and faces of their loved ones and can still recall details o
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  1. larry junis says:

    Good article, I’m at stage 3 to 4 and have been classified as having amnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment. I’m not sure how this correlates with definitely being classified with AD. It would have been nice if the article gave the # of years in each stage. I would like to see more info. on alternative treatments to help fend off the desease, i.e., tumeric, lithium oratate, asthma drugs, etc.

  2. Pamela Klein says:

    Hi Larry,
    Recently I watched an online summit called “Awakening from Alzheimer’s”. It was such an eye opener. My mom is in the 6th stage of AD right now. I wish I had known this information 5 years ago. Dr Mary Newport, who wrote 2 books on this, gave her husband increasing amounts of coconut oil. She claims that it reversed his AD. She started giving it to him when he could no longer turn on the computer. Now he has once again become a functioning person. also look up Dr Katz. Please find an integrative physician who can help you! I’m praying that you improve!

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