Personalized Music Improved Mood in Adults with Dementia, Study Reports

Personalized Music Improved Mood in Adults with Dementia, Study Reports
Personalized music interventions may help enhance joy and social interaction among people with dementia who attend adult day health centers, a small study reports. The study, “Results from a person-centered music intervention for individuals living with dementia” was published in the journal Geriatrics & Gerontology. Dementia, which affects a large proportion of people with Alzheimer's disease, is characterized by a wide range of behavioral and psychological symptoms, including wandering, repetitive speech, agitation, depression, sleep disturbances, and apathy. Increasing evidence shows that music can stimulate multiple areas of the brain — not only those linked with emotion, but also mood control, motor skills, attention, and memory. Previous studies have shown that music interventions may improve attention, and reduce anxiety and stress in patients undergoing treatment, suggesting that “person-centered music listening interventions are a promising non-pharmacological approach for individuals living with dementia,” researchers stated. In the study, researchers at George Mason University in Virginia evaluated the effects of individual-music listening interventions on parameters including mood, agitation, and social engagement of 51 people with dementia who attended community-based adult day health centers. There were 31 participants in the music intervention group, and 20 in the control group. Participants in the intervention group listened for 20 minutes, via headphones, to their per
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  1. Sue Lyon says:

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