Our Family’s Golden Retriever Is More Than Man’s Best Friend

Our Family’s Golden Retriever Is More Than Man’s Best Friend
This week, pet lovers across the United States celebrated National Dog Day to bring awareness to the thousands of dogs that need rescuing. My golden retriever is celebrated every day.

A last act of love

Jack isn’t an official service dog, but he is a helper to my family and me. He was a gift from an aging grandmother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The puppy was the last treasure Mom was able to come up with on her own. She was adamant that her grandchildren needed a dog, specifically a golden retriever. Jack was the best surprise Granny could have given her five grandchildren, who showered her with hugs and kisses while squealing their thanks. Her face beamed. A debate ensued that day. “What should we name him?” Everyone got a vote, including Granny. Imagine five children, a grandma with short-term memory loss, and me (the voice of reason), attempting to select the perfect name. The kids chose typical doggie names, but Granny wanted “John.” It didn’t matter to her that her son-in-law and only grandson were named John. Granny con
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