These Essential Supplies Make Caregiving a Little Easier

These Essential Supplies Make Caregiving a Little Easier
The hardest job becomes easier when the right supplies are on hand. This is especially true with caregiving. Every day is a learning experience. We learn what is essential for the care and the service of the person we are caring for. The following tools and materials can help make the job easier:


Washcloths are one of the most important tools in a caregiver’s arsenal. They don't need to be expensive and can be used for cleanups. White is always a smart color choice. Launder the washcloths in hot water and bleach to sanitize, or use peroxide if you prefer something less toxic.


Like washcloths, the more towels that are at your disposal, the better. Absorbent, oversized towels are great after a shower or bath and keep the patient warm. They also prevent the patient from feeling exposed. Again, use white towels for easy laundering.

Rubber or latex gloves

To keep germs at bay, wear disposable rubber or latex gloves. Gloves provide protection for you and your patient. However, don’t wear gloves for every caregiving duty. Otherwise, the experience might feel sterile and impersonal. Gloves should not be worn if the patient is allergic to latex.


Everyday white vinegar acts as a softener in the wash and is helpful in dispelling odors from sheets, underwear, and other pieces of clothing. It can be used on sweat stains and is a natural cleaner for bathroom floors and countertops.


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