NHE6 Inhibition Could Help Prevent Late-onset Alzheimer’s, Researchers Say

NHE6 Inhibition Could Help Prevent Late-onset Alzheimer’s, Researchers Say
Inhibiting a protein called NHE6 is a potential strategy to prevent the damaging effect of ApoE4 and the associated risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, a study suggests. The study, “Reversal of ApoE4-induced recycling block as a novel prevention approach for Alzheimer’s disease,” was led by University of Texas Southwestern researchers and published in the journal eLife. The ApoE protein is involved in the transport and metabolism of fatty molecules such as cholesterol. It is present in the human body in three major variants known as ApoE2, ApoE3, and ApoE4. The ApoE4 variant is the second most common in the general population. However, evidence has demonstrated that ApoE4 protein is found more frequently in patients with dementia, being present in more than half of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Reports have suggested that the ApoE protein is involved in beta-amyloid protein clearance and burden, which is impaired in Alzheimer’s patients. It is thought that APOE gene variants can directly affect brain tissue, blood-brain barrier, and blood vessels, resulting in alte
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  1. Michael H. Lane says:

    My wife was stricken with Alzheimer’s in 2012 as a result of the scopolamine patch. We have visited John’s Hopkins, Georgetown and multiple other hospitals. Over time things have gotten worse. She has had depression but that has improved somewhat with medication. She is 74 years old, has a Phd, retired from the Department of Treasury as a senior executive, worked with the big banks and Federal Reserve. Has always been in good health and physical condition. None of the medications except Effexor have provided any successful treatment. She remains with limited focus, does not ever really think, likes to help other people at the assisted living facility but things are not getting better and she now has hallucinations. I don’t know where to go to get help or if there is any hope at all. Is there? How about ECT? She is physically active and otherwise in good health. We would appreciate any suggestions you could provide.

  2. Brian Faris says:

    to Michael: Don’t know if you are doing anything other than meds but we have been using coconut oil, tumeric[circumin],cbd’s,B12,magnesium l-threonate in conjunction with donepezil and minimum anti-depressant. My wife suffers from early onset alzheimers and we are at year three. The coconut oil seems quite important from my viewpoint and the cbd’s really levelled out the high and lows. We are still looking for magic cure. Just started to incorporate essential oils, no opinion yet.Hope something may help

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