Top 10 Alzheimer’s Disease Stories of 2018

Top 10 Alzheimer’s Disease Stories of 2018
Throughout 2018, Alzheimer’s News Today brought you stories of important discoveries, treatment developments, clinical trials, and other events related to Alzheimer’s disease. As we look forward to providing more news to those living with Alzheimer’s as well as their family members and caregivers this year, here are the 10 most-read stories of 2018.

No. 10 — "Phase 3 Trials of Gantenerumab Likely to Decide Clinical Benefit, Roche Says in Interview"

In an interview with Alzheimer’s News Today, Rachelle Doody, MD, Roche’s global head of neurodegeneration, talked about the clinical development of Roche’s amyloid-targeting antibody candidate, called gantenerumab, for early — prodromal — Alzheimer’s. While a clinical trial in 2014 was discontinued because data showed no improvements in cognition or function with gantenerumab over a placebo, a thorough analysis of data collected since 2010 showed that the therapy at higher doses could lower the levels of aggregated beta-amyloid, the main component of the senile plaques characteristic of Alzheimer’s.

No. 9 — "Low-dose Aspirin Seen to Reduce Amyloid Aggregates in Mouse Brains, Study Shows"
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